Natalia from England

I have always wanted to try the cowgirl thing
since I started horse riding as a little girl...

When I hit 23 I decided that I wanted to do something different and this seemed the perfect time to live that dream, so to speak.

I ordered a number of brochures through the internet, but the ranch that appealed the most was one I found in a travel agency brochure... This was the Double Spear Ranch, Montana.

Why did this appeal?

Well I wanted a "real" experience and so from the onset had decided that I wanted to go to a working ranch. I also knew from friends and films that the scenery in Montana was beautiful – which it was.

The other factor that made me decide on this ranch was the limited number of places there are any one-week. I believed that this would make the atmosphere much more friendly - I was right.

I stayed at the Double Spear Ranch through mid-September which meant much of the work involved bringing the cattle down from the mountains, loading them into trailers and bringing them back to the Ranch.

I rode an excellent horse called "Spud" who was extremely sure footed, and instinctively seemed to know what to do around the cattle – he certainly taught me a lot.

The people who ran the Ranch were very friendly and you immediately felt that you were one of "the gang". You were encouraged to get as involved as possible and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

A great experience and a memory I shall treasure forever.

I shall definitely be going back next year.

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